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Organizational Transformations

The purpose of an organizational transformation is that management of the organization becomes clear, transparent and more efficient. This means, among other things: what does the hierarchical structure look like? How are the communication lines and structures organized? How has talent been deployed, are positions clearly defined and responsibilities correctly divided?

Many organizations are trapped in existing structures and/or keep hiring externals without clear policies and overview. As a result, there is no efficient HR process and policy in place. In order to gain more control over inflow-outflow and to make changes therein, it is necessary to look sharply at which talent is needed where.  Baarslag Consultancy can be an experienced partner that offers knowledge and expertise.

By using a scan, we visualize how you can properly set-up your organization, how to organize work processes and defining where certain tasks and responsibilities belong.

What we can do for you:



Scanning the current hiring process and hiring needs. Match suppliers with your hiring criteria, create uniform processes and ensure that they remain maintainable in the future. In addition, the renewed hiring process is scanned as well on whether it will still be suitable in the future.



A review of the recruitment process consists of mapping capabilities, sourcing strategies, portals and lead times. Furthermore, branding the organization for being an attractive employer is investigated. Diversity and inclusion within the organization are examined and the analytics will be compiled and presented in a dashboard.

back office


To perform a back office scan, all supporting work processes (with associated thresholds) are mapped and visualized. Advice for short and long term improvements will be shared and if needed, roll-out support will be provided.

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