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Digital Innovations

Technology can no longer be ignored in a change process. The use of IT within HR does, however, have a contradiction. Where HR is about people and the social and humane aspect, technology is harsh and cold. The knowledge of finding the perfect combination between the two is lacking. This presents a major challenge since the impact on people is by far greater than on technology when something goes wrong.


The complexity, duration, and investment of such change process is therefore often underestimated and many (international) HR projects are therefore unsuccessful. Baarslag Consultancy is experienced in setting-up and rolling-out these complex processes. Ultimately, it is all about change and that requires a pragmatic approach in which continuity and good communication are crucial.

What can we do for you:

Implementation of HR software

Implementing new (HR) software must be done in the correct way so people and the technology will cooperate well now and in the future.

(hr) it vision

Prior to implementing new technology it is important to research which systems are suitable for your organization. Researching the IT landscape, we will look at, among other things:

  • What requirements do we set?

  • What are the available systems?

  • Why is the application needed?

  • How will data be exchanged and is there an overlap in processes?

  • How will we roll-out the application and guarantee innovations?

Contact us

Is your organization in need of a digital innovation or are you dealing with a change issue for which you would like to call in our expertise? Contact us!

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