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HR Improvement

When an organization formulates strategic objectives, the translation to people in the organization is often forgotten. What does an ambition of, for example, growth or efficiency mean on the human component in an organization?

Baarslag Consultancy ensures that the company’s goals are correctly translated to the Human Resource department. For example, using a policy plan or annual plan in which clear objectives and results are specified, and it ensures that implementation can be monitored and tracked.


What can we do for you:

HRM Scan

Taking a full scan of your human resource management, the current processes and instruments are examined, as is the extent to which they contribute to achieving the organizational objectives. A scan consists of:

  1. Consultation to get acquainted and discuss scan objectives, scope and parameter.

  2. Take inventory and assess the current situation, based on conversations and input from stakeholders and with project objective, scope and parameter in mind.

  3. Report with findings, recommendations and advice.

  4. Implementation and roll-out of relevant advice.

Compliancy scan

Numerous Dutch laws and regulations are enforcing the way HR needs to operate. To get a clear understanding if your company is compliant with Waadi, WWZ, DBA and GDPR, to name a few, a detailed scan can be necessary. Recommendations with new policies to meet compliancy can be implemented with immediate effect.

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Are you in need of an optimization of your human resource management, or are you dealing with a change issue for which you would like to call in our expertise? Contact us!

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