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Workforce Management

in a Digital Era

Baarslag Consultancy B.V. helps companies establish, improve and future-proof their Human Resource Management in a digitalizing world.

Optimized, futureproof and sustainable solutions for efficient and high quality use of human capital.

Always custom tailored, compliant with current and/or upcoming legislation and taking social development aspects into account. And above all, never losing sight of the people involved and with all necessary guidance and support for its roll-out.

Letting go liberates

Baarslag Consultancy

with new found freedom we can create something entirely new

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the way we live, relax and work. Organizations and employees find chances in arranging work and carreers, but reorganizations and cutting costs are also a reality for many. To be a success in this new world, employers and employees must become flexible...

We can help you with:

Diversity and inclusion

The working population is decreasing and the Netherlands does not score high enough in the statistics for women holding high positions. Now that scarcity is becoming more visible, smart solutions are required. HR analytics plays a key role in the workforce composition.

To benefit from the diversity the workforce has to offer managers should be concerned about inclusion, active participation from within the organization and seeing that the opportunity of hiring a more diverse staff can be beneficial. Just having compassion for this subject won’t be enough, the way of implementation will determine the success. We would like to share our change strategies and together we create a successful strategy based on our experiences.

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About Erinne Baarslag

Erinne Baarslag is an experienced, determined and result-oriented organizational consultant. She has excellent interpersonal skills and performs well under pressure. A track record proves that she can properly manage complex (international) projects in the field of change. Using clear and correct communication she ensures that projects move forward and problems are recognized and solved quickly. With dedication, hard work and striving to have a positive impact on human capital, she likes to rise to the challenge.

We partner with specialists for optimal solutions.

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